As per the guidelines issued by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and CBSE instructions vide CBSE/Admn.I/14(6)/2004 dated February 16, 2004 on Sexual Harassment of Women and Students at work place in the institutions, the following committee is constituted to enquire into the complaints received against any of our staff member on the above subject:-

Dr. Veenu Bharti Director Convener
Mrs. Sameena Khan PGT History Member Secretary
Mrs. Suchitra PGT Pol. Science Member
Mrs. Meena Verma PGT English Member
Mrs. Anshu TGT Member
Mrs. Rita Taneja PGT Pol. Science Member
Mrs. Kiran Sheoran PGT Hindi Member
Mrs. Salochna A.N.M. Member

A preliminary meeting will be held immediately on receipt of any complaint of Sexual Harassment and enquire into the circumstances and member secretary will submit the findings within 03 working days.